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ABET Re-accreditation

Every six years representatives from the Engineering Accreditation commission of ABET, visit the Dwight Look College of Engineering and its departments, including the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. 

A new evaluation process used by ABET requires each department to determine appropriate objectivesDescription: W:\acrobat_logo.jpg for its undergraduate program, identify desired student  outcomesDescription: W:\acrobat_logo.jpg, decide on valid criteria for measuring achievement of those objectives by mappingDescription: W:\acrobat_logo.jpg them to student outcomes, and then use those metrics to do an outcomes assessment and analysis.  The department must be able to demonstrate how the outcomes analysis is being used to bring about improvements in the program. 

Student outcomes assessment and evaluation runs parallel to program assessment. 

CoursesDescription: W:\acrobat_logo.jpg in the curriculum are mapped to the list of student outcomes, course coordinators identify methods for measuring student outcomes, and curriculum is adjusted based on the assessment to insure that courses provide students with the opportunity to achieve success in all outcome areas.