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Justin Yates

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University at Buffalo, State University of New York

  Contact Information

  Office:  4079 ETB
(979) 458-2337
  Fax: (979) 458-4299


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Dr. Yates earned his MS and PhD degrees from the University at Buffalo Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and his BA in Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace College.  While in Buffalo, Dr. Yates also earned an Advanced Certificate in Geographic Information Science as part of his IGERT Fellowship in GIScience.  Currently, Dr. Yates is interested in research that focuses on the intersection of spatial analysis, quantitative geography and optimization as well as the adaptation of these methods to non-traditional network structures.  A better understanding of the influence and impact of spatial information generates new approaches in mathematical modeling as well as algorithmic and heuristic solution approaches.  These new methods can be applied to a myriad of complex systems in homeland security, transportation/logistics, extreme events, and cyber/social networks.

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