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Wilbert E. Wilhelm

Barnes Professor 
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University 

  Contact Information

  Office: 4046 ETB
  Phone: (979) 458-2348
  Fax: (979) 458-4299 

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Wilhelm specializes in integer programming, scheduling, and supply chain design. His current research involves devising strong cutting plane methods and applications involving healthcare facility configuration; scheduling surgeries; rescheduling; locating direction finders; supply chain design for assembly systems, international enterprises, and second-generation biofuel; and designing sensor surveillance and reaction systems for homeland security. He teaches courses in integer programming, linear programming, scheduling, and operations management. Dr. Wilhelm is an IIE Fellow and a recipient of the IIE David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award, which is conferred by the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), and of the Gold Medal Award, which is conferred by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.