Systems Modeling and Computational Optimization (SyMCO) Lab

Location: 304 Zachry Engineering Center


  •  Dr. Lewis Ntaimo, Director
  •  Dr. Eduardo Perez, PostDoctoral Research Associate
  •  Eric Beier, Ph.D. Student
  •  Tanisha Cotton, Ph.D. Student
  •  Julian Gallego Arubla, Ph.D. Student
  •  Michelle McGaha, Ph.D. Student

Many real life problems are characterized by data uncertainties, and often, are of a large scale nature. Large-scale problems have lots of decision variables, data, and constraints, and call for decision making under uncertainty. The SyMCO lab focuses on modeling, simulation and optimization research for such real life problems. Inevitably, to effectively model and develop algorithms to solve decision making problems under uncertainty, our research calls for a systems modeling and stochastic optimization approach. Our specific main research areas are:

  • Decomposition algorithms for stochastic mixed-integer programs
  • Systems modeling and systems engineering processes
  • Discrete event modeling and simulation

 The lab is currently involved in research with applications that include:


  •  Eduardo Perez -- Ph.D. Student (Graduated May 2010)
  •  Matthew Tanner -- Ph.D. Student (Graduated May 2009)
  •  Ewelina Zwierzykowski -- REU (Graduated May 2007
  •  Won Ju Lee -- M.S. (Graduated Aug 2006)

Computing Resources:

    • 3 Dell OptPlex GX620, 3.20GZH Dual Core Processor with 4GB RAM;
    • 3 Dell OptPlex GX620 with 512MB RAM);
    • 1 Dell Precision 470 Workstation in his campus office
    • All the computers have
      •  LINDO, AMPLE and ILOG CPLEX 12.0, IBM Rational Data Modeler, DEVSJAVA, and FARSITE.

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