Guy L. Curry


INEN 316: Manufacturing Systems Planning and Control

Understanding the issues and problems associated with operating a manufacturing system;  manufacturing operations including the release of orders into a facility and the control of the manufacturing system; scheduling and sequencing; probability and stochastic processes; the impact of variability on system performance.  Probability theory, queueing theory, Little’s Law, heavy traffic approximations, and queueing networks form the theoretical framework of this methodology.

Textbook:  Manufacturing Systems Modeling and Analysis, Guy L. Curry, textbook under review. 


INEN315: Production and Operations Analysis 

Treatment of the principles, models and techniques for the planning, analysis and design of integrated production systems.   Principles of optimization including linear programming, unconstrained and equality constrained optimization, and dynamic programming as applied to production planning problems are covered.  Production topics include capacity expansion models, learning curves, forecasting, aggregate planning models, deterministic and stochastic inventory, and project scheduling. 

Textbook:  Steven Nahmias.  Production and Operations Analysis: third edition.  Irwin, Chicago,  1997.


INEN622: Linear Programming 

Development of the mathematics and algorithms associated with linear programming; convex sets and cones, polyhedral sets, duality theory, parametric programming, revised simplex method, and dual simplex method; also covered are bounded variables, column generation, decomposition, and integer programming.

Textbook:  M. S. Bazaraa, J. J. Jarvis and H. D. Sherali.  Linear Programming and Network Flows, second edition, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1990.


INEN623: Nonlinear and Dynamic Programming

Understanding of algorithms for nonlinear optimization; development of optimality conditions and different types of algorithms for unconstrained and constrained problems; formulation and solution methods for many types of discrete dynamic programming problems including, non-serial branching systems, and sequencing and scheduling algorithms. 

Textbook:  Edwin K. P. Chong and Stanislaw H. Żak. An Introduction to Optimization, second edition, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 2001, and class handout notes on Dynamic Programming.


Courses Taught:


Software Development:

Co-developer with Dr. Bryan L. Deuermeyer in the mid 1980’s of six microcomputer systems for operations research.  These six languages covered: MOR/LP - linear programming based optimization (including separable, quadratic, and integer algorithms), MOR/NL - nonlinear optimization and search algorithms, MOR/DP - discrete dynamic programming system (includes non-serial branching, and stochastic dynamic programming), MOR/DS - discrete simulation system including textbook published by Holden-Day), MOR/CS - continuous simulation modeling system, and MOR/ML - math language for algorithm development (similar in programming language notation to Mathematica).