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ISEN Seminar Series

Date  Speaker Title
Jan.14 Peter Bogetoft Benchmarking and Regulation
Jan.28 Rhonda Righter Energy-Aware Scheduling on Heterogeneous Processors
Feb.04 Susan Hallbeck  Human Factors Engineering in HealthCare  
Feb.11 Barak Fishbain On Enviromatics - Mathematical Programming Methods for Multi-dimensional Environmental data
Feb.25 Ravinda Ahuja Turning Operations Research Models into Decision Support Systems
March.04 Gino Lim Computationally Challenging Optimization Problems in Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Treatment Planning
March.18 Satish T. S. Bukkapatnam Prediction of Complex Systems Evolution: Towards Real-time Monitoring of Nanomanufacturing Processes
March.25 Ye Shen Statistical Challenges and Promise When Sampling Bias Is Present
April.22 Jeanette Sutton TBA
April.29 Paul M. Griffin TBA

Fall 2012
Date  Speaker Title
Aug. 27 César O. Malavé First Class Orientation
Sept.03 Lewis Ntaimo Graduate Student Welcome
Sept.10 Michael Pishko The National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing
Sept.17 Chelliah Sriskandarajah Inventory Models for Medium-Size Depository Institutions Under the New Federal Policy
Sept 24 Mahboobul (Sam) Mannan Challenges and Needs for Process Safety In the New Millennium
Oct.01 Ricardo Pineda Systems Engineering Research
Oct.08 Barrett Caldwell Systems Engineering when Humans Matter: Distributed Expertise and Team Coordination
Oct.14 -- --
Oct.22 Julie S. Ivy  Can We Do Better than “One Size Fits All”? Using Modeling to Personalize Breast Cancer Screening Policy
Nov.05 Aurelie Thiele Approximate Percentile Optimization in Linear Programming
Nov.12 Lisa M. Maillart Dynamically Optimizing the Administration of Vaccines from Multi-Dose Vials
Nov.19 Patti Brennan Industrial and Systems Engineering and Health Care: Critical Areas of Research
Nov.26 Laura A. McLay A Mixed Integer Programming Model for Locating and Dispatching Ambulances via District Design
Nov.30 Özlem Ergun Humanitarian Logistics: A case study on post-disaster debris operations and solving multi-period network capacity expansion problems