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ISEN 681 (2012 Spring Semesters)

Date  Speaker Title
Jan.23 Jane Chumley Ammons Postponed
Jan.30 David Woods Can You Engineer the Resilience of Complex Systems?
Feb.06 Sheldon Jacobson Risk-based Policies for Aviation Security Passenger Screening
Feb.13 Gordon B. Hazen Markov versus Medical Markov Modeling – Contrasts and Refinements
Feb.20 David Coit Multiple Objective Stochastic Models for Electricity Generation Expansion Planning Considering Environmental Impacts
Feb.27 John Hasenbein Rapid Detection of Viruses in Cell Phone Networks Via Stochastic Optimization Models
March.05 Emmanuel Yashchin Monitoring Survival and Warranty Data
March.12 No seminar --
March.19 Ezgi C. Eren Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Plant Microtubule System Characteristics
March.26 Anurag Verma Clique Relaxation Models in Network Analysis
April.02 Brian Denton Optimization of On-line Appointment Scheduling
April.16 P. R. Kumar Optimization of On-line Appointment Scheduling

Date  Speaker Title
Aug. 29 First Class Orientation
Sep. 5 Reha Uzsoy Production Planning Models with Resources Subject to Congestion
Sep. 12 Andy Banerjee Challenges in Health Care Delivery – Role of IE
Sep. 19 Ivan Damnjanovic Recent Advances in Stochastic Vehicle RoutingPricing Risks in Delivery and Management of Transportation Assets
Sep. 26 Joe Hartman Integrating Dynamic Programming within Mixed-Integer Programming Techniques with an Application in Lot-Sizing
Oct. 3 Ananth Krishnamurthy Blocking Effects in Warehouse Systems With Autonomous Vehicles
Oct. 10 Piyush Kumar Instant Approximate 1-Center on Road Networks Via Embeddings
Oct. 19 Russell Barton Manufacturing Enterprise Systems and Service Enterprise Systems Research: Topics and Winning Strategies
Oct. 24 No seminar --
Nov. 3 Lawerence Wolsey MIP Models for Multi-level Production and Production/Distribution Problems
Nov. 7 Yan Xiao Human Factors in Delivering High Quality Health Care: Opportunities for Research
Nov. 14 No seminar --
Nov. 18 Richard A. Wysk Some broad engineering considerations for the development of regenerative medical products
Nov. 21 No seminar --
Nov. 28 I-Hong Hou Supporting Delay Guarantees Over Unreliable Wireless Channels
Dec. 5 Wade Cook Data Envelopment Analysis With Non-Homogeneous DMU’s