Laboratory for Energy-Sustainable Operations


Our lab was established in 2011 in the brand new emerging technologies building (ETB).  Our mission is to perform leading edge research in the field of energy-sustainable operations and disseminate resulting technology through education. The laboratory focuses on the two key drivers of energy-efficiency, namely, (1) innovation in production and distribution of energy, and (2) creativity in resource management to reduce energy consumption.

Sample Projects: Research topics include reliability and maintenance of wind farms, pricing and energy markets, pollution abatement in power generation, data center energy efficiency, energy-performance tradeoffs in wireless networks, and, controlling production-systems energy consumption. Recent sample projects are: (1) DDDAS - SMRP: A Framework for the Dynamic Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Systems, (2) Reducing Energy Consumption in Data Centers, (3) ITR: Data-Driven Autonomic Performance Modulation for Servers, and (4) Being Responsive in a Complex Custom-Engineered Manufacturing Environment: Strategies, Methods, and Tools.






Mission and Description