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Since early 1990, the Georgia Tech faculties have been exploring new methods for performance assessment of industrial systems with particular emphasis on warehousing operations. The methodology being developed is builds on Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)   and production ecnomic theory. This work has been continued by students from the Georgia Tech program now working at Texas A&M University.


About iDEAs
iDEAs makes the DEA methodology accessible via the internet, and enables firms to perform a self-assessment and benchmark themselves against other firms in their industry. Recalling "Garbage In, Garbage Out," the self-assessment is only as good as the data supplied. Click here to learn more about iDEAs.


This project concluded on January 1st, 2013.  Some of the resulting research is referenced below.  For a more extensive summary see the website of Andy Johnson.


A description of the results from the iDEAs-W project in the academic literature

Johnson, A.L. and L.F. McGinnis, 2011. Performance Measurement in the Warehousing Industry IIE Transactions.43(3): 203-215.


A description of the results from the iDEAs-W project in the academic literature

Johnson, A.L., W.-C. Chen and L. F. McGinnis, 2010. Larege-scale Internet Benchmarking: Technolgoy and Application in Warehousing Operations Computers in Industry 61:280-286.


Bechmarking Warehouse Performance 2006 Results for iDEAs-W

"Best of Breed Warehouse Performance Assessment", presented by Dr. Leon McGinnis in Council on Logistics Management Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, September 24, 2003. [one slide per page | 6 slides per page]


"Warehouse performance assessment and benchmarking", presented by Mr. John M Hill and Dr. Leon McGinnis in ProMat 2003. [ one slide per page | 6 slides per page ]


Benchmarking Warehouse Performance -- 2001 Results for iDEAs-W




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