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ISEN 101

Introduction to Industrial Engineering. (1-0). Credit 1. Introduction to Industrial Engineering; overview of the curriculum; presentations by faculty and industry to familiarize students with the department and the scope of industrial engineering applications.
ISEN 220 Introduction to Production Systems.(3-0).Credit 3. I, II  Introduction to manufacturing and production systems; provides an overview of various aspects of manufacturing systems; includes design, analysis, operation and control; a perspective for manufacturing systems related problems and the complex interactions that they entail; includes the use of VBA and Excel. Prerequisite: CSCE 206. Corequisites: ENTC 181; STAT 211.
ISEN 285 Directed Studies.  Credit 1 to 4.  I, II, S.  Problems of limited scope in industrial engineering approved on an individual basis intended to promote independent study. Prerequisite: Approval of department head. [Note: This course is intended for lower-level students wishing to pursue directed studies under the supervision of a faculty member.]
ISEN 302 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects. (2-0). Credit 2. I, II, S   Principles of economic equivalence; time value of money; analysis of single and multiple investments; comparison of alternatives; capital recovery and after-tax analysis of economic projects.  Prerequisite:  MATH 152. 
ISEN 303 Engineering Economic Analysis.  (3-0).  Credit 3.  I, II, S   Principles of economic equivalence; time value of money; analysis of single and multiple investments; comparison of alternatives; capital recovery and tax implications; certainty; uncertainty; risk analysis; public sector analysis and break-even concepts.  Prerequisite:  MATH 152. 
ISEN 314 Statistical Control of Quality.  (2-3).  Credit 3.  I, II  Quality control with statistical principles applied to problems in various production systems, including probability concepts, density and distribution functions, control chart concepts and sampling inspection plans; laboratory exercises for exposure to basic metrology and applied statistics for quality control applications in discrete-item manufacturing systems. Prerequisite: STAT 212.
ISEN 315 Production Systems Planning.  (3-0).  Credit 3.  I, II  Principles, models and techniques for planning, analysis and design of integrated production systems; optimization principles, including linear programming, unconstrained and equality constrained optimization and dynamic programming applied to production planning; topics to include capacity expansion models, learning curves, aggregate planning models, deterministic and stochastic inventory, MRP and project scheduling. Prerequisites: ISEN 220; MATH 304. Corequisite: ISEN 420.
ISEN 316 Production Systems Operations. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II  Analytical principles of manufacturing systems design, analysis and control; emphasis placed on stochastic analysis; role of variability and impact on cycle time; push versus pull production strategies including Kanban and constant WIP control; probability, queuing theory, Little’s Law, heavy traffic approximations, and queuing networks. Prerequisites: ISEN 220, 424; MATH 304.

ISEN 333

Project Management for Engineers. (3-0). Credit 3. Basic project management for engineering undergraduates; project development and economic justification; estimating; scheduling; network methods; critical path analysis; earned value management; recycling and rework; project organizational structures; project risk assessment; resource allocation; ethics; characteristics of project managers. Prerequisite: Junior or senior classification in Dwight Look College of Engineering. Cross-listed with CVEN 333 and MEEN 333.
ISEN 411 Engineering Management Techniques.  (3-0).  Credit 3.  Techniques relating to managing engineering activities; engineer’s transition into management; engineering managerial functions; motivation of individual and group behavior; productivity assessment/improvement; managing the quality function and communications. Prerequisite: Senior classification in industrial engineering.
ISEN 414 Total Quality Engineering.  (2-3).  Credit 3.  Introduction to the principles of total quality engineering; total quality management philosophy, engineering approaches for designing quality into products and processes; off-line experimentation methods for the robust design; emphasis on teamwork and continuous quality improvement. Prerequisite: ISEN 314.
ISEN 416 Facilities Location, Layout and Material Handling.  (3-3).  Credit 4.  I, II Analytical treatment of facilities location, physical layout, material flow and handling, combined with heuristic algorithms to assist in the design of production/service facilities; fundamental concepts applied through a sequence of design projects. Prerequisites: ISEN 315; ISEN 316 or registration therein.
ISEN 420 Operations Research I.  (3-0).  Credit 3.  Development and application of fundamental deterministic analytical methods including linear programming, integer programming, dynamic programming and nonlinear optimization. Prerequisite: MATH 304 or equivalent.
ISEN 421 Operations Research II.  (3-0).  Credit 3.  Development and application of probabilistic analytical methods including Markov chains, queuing systems and digital simulation modeling. Prerequisites: MATH 304 or equivalent; STAT 212.
ISEN 424 Systems Simulation.  (2-3).  Credit 3.  I, II Systems simulation structure, logic and methodologies; generation of random numbers and deviates; system simulation languages, models and analysis; applications to industrial situations. Prerequisite: STAT 212.
ISEN 425 Design and Analysis of Industrial Systems with Simulation.  (2-3). Credit 3.  In-depth study into the design-modeling and subsequent analysis of contemporary production/service systems; factory/service systems are modeled using the ARENA/SIMAN V simulation-animation language; emphasis is placed on the critical analysis of alternative flow designs of modeled systems using flow and economic parameters to assess system improvement. Prerequisites: ISEN 303 and 424.
ISEN 430 Human Factors and Ergonomics.  (3-0).  Credit 3. II  Human biological, ergonomic, and psychological capabilities and limitations; techniques and procedures for developing and applying the principles of human factors engineering to systems design; stresses interdisciplinary nature of the subject. Prerequisite: Junior or senior classification.
ISEN 455 Principles of Programmable Automation.  (2-3).  Credit 3.  Comprehensive treatment of the principles of computer numerical control, direct numerical control, computer-aided part programming and industrial robots; emphasis on the operations and applications of CNC, DNC machine tools and industrial robots; laboratory experience in using part-programmable software and robotic programming languages to develop programmable automation systems. Prerequisites: ISEN 316 and ISEN 416 or registration therein.
ISEN 459 Manufacturing Systems Design.  (1-6).  Credit 3.  I, II   Capstone design course emphasizing analysis and design of manufacturing systems, cellular design, flexible manufacturing systems and manufacturing integration; integrates knowledge gained from all required industrial engineering courses in a system design project; for students in their final semester of undergraduate studies. Prerequisites: ISEN 314, 316, 416.
ISEN 485 Directed Studies.  Credit 1 to 6.  I, II, S   Permits work on special project in industrial engineering. Project must be approved by department head. Prerequisite: Senior classification in industrial engineering. [Note: This course is intended for upper level students wishing to pursue directed studies under the supervision of a faculty member.]
ISEN 489 Special topics in... Credit 1 to 5. In-depth study of areas of current student interest and recent advances; normally used for first-time offering of new courses. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor. [Note: This course number is used to introduce a new course in the curriculum prior to becoming a permanent course with a number in the catalog.]