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Also effective with catalog 130 the ISEN Department has approved offering an Minor.
Requirements for this minor are as follows:

  1. The first course taken is ISEN 220.  The following courses are prerequisites or corequisite to this course: ENTC 181, MATH 152 (or MATH 172), STAT 211, & CPSC 206.
  2. Students must complete 15 hours of ISEN courses.
  3. As part of the 15-hour requirement, the following courses must be taken: ISEN 220, 315, & 420.
  4. Any other ISEN courses can be used in satisfying the 15 hours except ISEN 101, 285, 485.
  5. A grade of C or better must be obtained in all ISEN courses.
  6. Courses may be repeated and the most recent grade is used for satisfying the "C" or better requirement.