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Health Systems Management Certificate Program


The Health Systems Management Certificate Program is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate engineering students with career interests that include applying engineering principles to healthcare.  The certificate will increase their understanding of the American healthcare system and basic health management functions. It is comprised of five SRPH-Health Policy and Management courses.   Engineering students who meet the admissions requirements may apply for enrollment into the Certificate Program during their junior year spring semester.   

Program Requirements

Fifteen credit hours are required to earn the Certificate.  All courses are three semester credit hours. 

The following three courses are required:

  1. Rural Public Health Systems (PHPM 601)
  2. Introduction to Health Policy & Management (PHPM605) or Health Systems Management (PHPM 606)
  3. Healthcare Financial Management I (PHPM 623)

Student will select two of the following five courses:

  1. Strategic Planning and Marketing I (PHPM 614)
  2. Management of Human Resources (PHPM 616)
  3. Health Care Quality Evaluation & Utilization Management (PHPM 617)
  4. Health Information Management Systems (PHPM 631)
  5. Health Care Operations Management (PHPM 689)

At the discretion of the home department, engineering students may be allowed to apply six of the credits to their technical electives for their B.S. in Engineering degree.  In ISEN, PHPM 623, PHPM 617, PHPM 631, AND PHPM 689 are included on the list of technical electives accepted by the department. 

Admissions Requirements

         A 3.0 GPA at the time of application

         A completed and signed application form (Provided by College of Engineering);

         A non-refundable $25 application fee;

         A current resume or statement of work experience;

         Two official undergraduate transcripts – the first at the time of application and the second at the time of completing the Certificate requirements.  (Note: since this certificate program is comprised of graduate-level courses, the student must also provide a final TAMU Dwight Look College of Engineering degree-granting transcript prior to TAMHSC being able to award the CHSM.)

         Two letters of recommendation (one must be submitted by the Director of the Undergraduate Program of the student’s engineering department); and

         The following forms (available from the SRPH Office of Student Affairs at www.srph.tamhsc.edu):

         Bacterial Meningitis Form;

         Statement of Understanding;

         FERPA Awareness Form;

         Residency Core Questionnaire

Additional Opportunity

Upon earning the Certificate, students will have the option of applying for full admission into the Master’s of Public Health degree program.  If accepted, students will take one additional year of coursework following completion of their Engineering undergraduate degree to complete an M.P.H. degree.


If you have questions or would like an application, please contact:

Dr. Georgia-Ann Klutke                              Dr. Sara McComb

klutke@tamu.edu                                         mccomb@tamu.edu