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The department prerequisites listed below are intended to ensure that every graduate student has a background in mathematics, computing, and engineering adequate to the pursuit of graduate study in industrial engineering. Most entering students have a bachelor's degree in an engineering field. A degree in another discipline is acceptable provided the following course material has been taken or is taken concurrently with graduate studies.

In addition, an application for the Master of Science and Ph.D Programs should have one semester of probabilistic operations research covering stochastic processes.



The application to the Industrial and Systems Engineering Graduate Programs at Texas A&M University begins with the Texas Common Application System, which is an online application form found at http://www.applytexas.org . When the online application is submitted for Texas A&M University , it is automatically sent to the Admissions Office (http://admissions.tamu.edu). Approximately 48 hours after the application is submitted, an e-mail and letter will be sent from the University Admissions Office to the applicant giving the applicant's university identification number (UIN). The correspondence from the Admissions Office will also contain instructions on how to obtain your NetID, and with your NetID you may log into the application information system (http://applicant.tamu.edu) to check on the status of your application. The application information system will also contain a link for your personal letters of recommendations. After following the "Letters of Recommendation" link, an instruction page will appear asking that you submit the names and e-mail addresses for your references. After you submit the names, your references will be able to fill out their recommendations online. Our department requires that you submit three names for the letters of reference.

Other items needed for a complete application in addition to your three letters of recommendation are your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, your official transcripts from each institution attended, a short paragraph indicating your area of interest within the industrial and system engineering field, and your application fee.

Also please check the Admissions Office website at http://admissions.tamu.edu. The required admission documents for domestic applicants is found at http://admissions.tamu.edu/graduate/gettingin/reqDocuments/definitions.aspx and the required admission documents for international applicants is found at http://admissions.tamu.edu/international/gettingin/reqDocuments/grad.aspx. As a reminder, all correspondence with Texas A&M should always include your UIN as well as your name and birth date.

U.S. applicants for the Master's program are expected to have a grade point ratio of at least a 3.0 (out of 4.0) for the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work, and for those applying to the Ph.D program, at least a  3.5 for graduate course work.  Because of differences in grading systems, international applicants will be considered on an individual basis.  Admission is based primarily on the previous course work including freshman and sophomore math and engineering courses, the reputation of previous universities attended, the applicant's career objective, letters of recommendation, and GRE test scores as a secondary measure. In addition, we expect international students to have at least a 400 (or 146 taken after November 2011) on the GRE-verbal test.

Due to the timing of course offerings and the prerequisite requirements for graduate classes, admissions are restricted to the Fall semester. Exceptions to that rule must be obtained in advance from the Graduate Advisor and are contingent on the availability of appropriate classes. All new students must be checked in (international students with ISS) and enrolled before the start of the first day of classes or they will not be permitted to attend.


Transfer Policy for Prospective Students

Admission to one of our graduate degree programs after completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree is our standard procedure.  We do not accept transfer students if they have started in a graduate degree program at another university.


Financial Aid

Departmental assistantships, scholarships and fellowships are available on a competitive basis with preference given to students planning to complete their Ph.D. degree at Texas A&M. All applicants who apply by Dec. 1 for the fall semester are automatically considered for financial aid.


University Deadlines (for those not interested in financial aid)

Entering Semester
For receipt of transcripts,
GRE and TOEFL test scores, and payment of fees
March 1