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Graduate Student Awards and Graduate Degrees Awarded

Graduate Student Awards | Graduate Degrees Awarded


Burcu Keskin has won the International Transportation Management Association James Costello Memorial Scholarship Award for academic excellence and scholarly achievements in supply chain design and the Transportation Clubs International Award for outstanding achievements in the field of transportation. Her committee chairs are Halit Üster and Sila Çetinkaya.

Haifeng Xia received the Best Student Paper Award from the Quality, Statistics, and Reliability Section of INFORMS. Her paper is entitled, “Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Integrating Multi-resolution Metrology Data.” Xia’s committee chair is Yu Ding.

Yuan Ren received an Honorable Mention in the poster competition of
the Doctoral Student Colloquium during the 2007 IIE Annual Research Conference. His poster was entitled “Data-mining Guided Methods for Optimal Engineering Designs.” Ren’s doctoral committee chair is Yu Ding.

Soondo Hong has, for the second year in a row, been awarded the very competitive Education Foundation Scholarship from the Material Handling Institute of America. Hong is developing a distributed control procedure for designing order picking systems. His committee chair is Brett Peters.