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INFORMS Young Researcher Roundtable.

Frontiers of Engineering, National Academy of Engineering.

Montague Center for Teaching Excellence Scholar, Texas A&M University.

Best Paper Award, Computers and Information Systems Category, 14th Annual Institute of Industrial Engineers Research Conference.

2005 Optimization Prize for Young Researchers, Optimization Society of INFORMS.

Fellow, Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Allen-Bradley Professorship in Factory Automation.



Lee, Yong Ho, M. Eng.
Perez Clare, Jorge Federico, M. Eng.
Antony, Arun, M. Eng. (Cochair)

Lee, Seung Ho, M. S., “Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure for Traveling Salesman Problem.”
Kuttuva Sadhasivan, Praveenkumar, M. Eng.

Chen, Xiaoli, M. S.
Kuo, Li-Wei, M. Eng.
Liu, Xingchu, Ph. D., “Supply Chain Contract Design in Supplier- Versus Buyer-Driven Channels.”
Mani, Preyanka, M. Eng.

Gupta, Darpan, M.Eng.
Krishna Murthy, Akash, M. S.
Lee, Moonsu, Ph. D., “Analytical Models to Evaluate System Performance Measures for Vehicle Based Material-Handling Systems Under Various Dispatching Policies.”
Rajendran, Senthil Kumar, M. Eng.
Ramanujam, Arjun, M. S.

Lee, Chang Jae, M. Eng.
Park, Chansung, M. Eng.

Huang, E-Wen, M. Eng.
Young, Man-Yi, M. Eng.

Arango Cruz, Andres, M. Eng.
Chen, Ping-Shun, Ph.D., “Cost Minimization in Multi-Commodity Multi-Mode Generalized Networks With Time Windows.”
Kang, Dong Hun, Ph.D., “Multi-Commodity Flow Estimation With Partial Counts On Selected Links.”
Pilla, Venkata Narasimha, M. Eng.

Gonzalez Cervantes, Roberto, M. Eng.
Kim, Sun Woo, Ph.D., “Distributed Optimization Under Partial Information Using Direct Interaction: A Methodology and Applications.”

Goyal, Anshul Ashok, M. Eng.
Urs, Nirvish Mallikarjun, M. Eng.

Ravulapati, Manoj Kumar, M. Eng.

Alexander, Paul, M. S.
Rodriguez, Gonzalo Alberto, M. Eng.
Shiel, Rebecca Rodriguez, M. Eng.
Shih, Janice Ya-Chen, M. Eng.
Thompson, Monika, M. S.
You, Ki Won, M. Eng.

Camacho Ramos, Abraham, M. Eng.
Chandrasekaran, Deepak Jambukesh, M. Eng.
Garcia, Fabiano Varella, M. Eng.
Karnabat, Onur, M. Eng.
Ramanujam, Vinodh, M. Eng.
Sasi Kumar, Sarath Kumar, M. S., “A Multi-Exchange Heuristic for Formation of Balanced Disjoint Rings.”

Panesar, Jyotpal Singh, M. S.
Wichert, Daniel, M. S.
Zhu, Xiaoyan, Ph. D., “The Dynamic, Resource-Constrained Shortest Path Problem on an Acyclic Graph: Application in Column Generation and a Literature Review on Sequence-Dependent Scheduling.”

Savachkin, Aliaksei, Ph.D., “Capacity Dynamics of Feed- Forward, Flow-Matching Networks Exposed to Random Disruptions.”



Newton C. Ellis, Emeritus
Rodger J. Koppa, Emeritus

G. Kemble Bennett
Leland T. Blank, Emeritus
Ralph L. Disney, Emeritus
Newton C. Ellis, Emeritus
Milden J. Fox, Jr., Emeritus
Alberto Garcia-Diaz, Emeritus
Georgia-Ann Klutke
Don T. Phillips
Robert E. Shannon, Emeritus
Wilbert E. Wilhelm

Ralph L. Disney, Emeritus

G. Kemble Bennett



Assistant Professor Ph. D., Stanford

Associate Professor Ph. D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Assistant Professor Ph. D., Northwestern University