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ISE Staff

Cheryl Kocman
Administrative Coordinator

Office: ETB 4029
Phone: (979) 845-5535
Email: ckocman@tamu.edu

Erin Roady
Graduate Program Coordinator

Office: ETB 4060
Phone: (979)-845-5536
Email: erinroady@tamu.edu

Jaime Vykukal
Business Coordinator II

Office: ETB 4021
Phone: (979) 458-2377
Email: jmv@tamu.edu

Mimi Bowman
Academic Business Administrator

Office: ETB 4022
Phone: (979) 458-2350
Email: mbowman@tamu.edu

Jeana Goodson
Senior Academic Advisor II

Undergraduate Program
Office: ETB 4059
Phone: (979)845-5766
Email: j-goodson@tamu.edu

Michele Bork
Business Assoc. II

Office: ETB 4058C
Phone: (979)458-2349
Email: mbork@tamu.edu

Andrea Cummings
Program Coordinator

Office: ETB 4028
Phone: (979) 458-2359
Email: AndreaCummings@tamu.edu
Dennis Allen
Facilities Manager

Office: ETB 3019
Phone: (979)458-2383
Email: dr-allen@tamu.edu
Mark Henry
Manager of Virtualization and Learning Technologies

Office: ETB 3019
Phone: (979)458-2382
Email: mhenry@tamu.edu
Mark Hopcus
Senior Information Technology Professional I

Office: ETB 3019
Phone: (979)458-2381
Email: mhopcus@tamu.edu