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Advisory Council

The members of the council are leaders in industry, many of whom are former students of the department. They meet on campus twice a year.

Their mission: to provide a continuing liaison between the department and the practicing profession for the purpose of improving the quality of the industrial engineering program at Texas A&M University.

Function 1: to assist in resource development to support the needs and programs of the department.

Function 2: to serve in an advisory capacity to the department head by making recommendations about the goals and programs of the department.

Name Title Company Email
Kent Beran Director, Production Operations Manufacturing Improvements Boeing Company kent.beran@boeing.com
Clapp Greg R. Vice President Business Management Fujitsu Network Communications greg.clapp@us.fujitsu.com
G. Allen Flynt Director, Programs Business Dev., Space and Defense Systems Hamilton Sundstrand g.allen.flynt@hs.utc.com
Ross B. George Chairman Five G Management, LLC Rbgeo1@aol.com
Michael Haack, P.E. Northern Region Manager Sperry Drilling Services Halliburton AS Michael.Haack@Halliburton.com
Randy Hoff CEO Cenergistic rhoff@energyed.com
Victoria L. Hunter Operations Manager, South Texas Branch Stryker Orthopaedics vlhhunter@gmail.com
Ms. Marci Jackson Manager for Knowledge Transfer Premier, Inc. marci_jackson@premeirinc.com
Jerrie J. Kertz Senior Vice President for Network Operations AT&T Dallas, Texas Jerrie.Kertz@att.com
Dean Liollio President PAA Natural Gas Storage, LLC csliollio@paalp.com
Greg Loppatto VP Engineering UPS gloppatto@ups.com
Menke James Sr. Director, Global Account Management Flextronics James.Menke@flextronics.com
Moore Robin VP Retail Engineering Michaels Stores, Inc MOORER@michaels.com
John Scott President Applied Systems Technology and Transfer, Inc. John.a.scott@ast2.net
Douglas W.Sellers Partner Accenture douglas.w.sellers@accenture.com
Sneddon Lee Manager of Construction – Ariz., Cal., Tex., Latin America Intel Corporation Lee.Sneddon@intel.com
Charlie Stegemoeller Deputy Manager, Constellation Program NASA/Johnson Space Center, Mail Code ZA Charles.m.stegemoeller@nasa.gov
Rick Wilkinson Senior Director of Logistics Engineering Wal-mart Logistics Bentonville, Arkansas Richard.Wilkinson@wal-mart.com
Jane Ammons Chair, Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Georgia Tech jane.ammons@isye.gatech.edu
Lamparero Juan Manuel Director General Industrial Solutions Technology de Mexico jlamparero@indsol.com.mx
Brent Lyon Sr. Manager, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering Lockheed Martins Brent.g.lyon@lmco.com
L Danny White Manufacturing Consultant Autodesk Danwhite87@yahoo.com