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Research activities in the lab relate to effective and efficient design and operation of networked systems that provide consumers with products and services. These activities have three dimensions:


1. Effective modeling approaches for efficient design of large scale networked systems:

Complex and large-scale networked systems appear in the context of several practical settings. Each of these systems has its own specific operational and structural characteristics, and it is imperative to incorporate these characteristics into quantitative modeling for higher effectiveness. Thus, each networked system possesses both modeling and methodological challenges. Examples include emergency response networks, biomass/biofuel logistics networks, closed-loop supply chain networks, and wireless sensor networks.


2. Strategic and tactical decision making in networked systems, e.g., supply chains:

The decision problems that we study relate to product and service flow management via location, transportation, and product/service supply planning for the underlying networks; integration of location, transportation, product/service supply, and inventory decisions; and contractual issues in location, transportation, product/service supply, and logistics-service management.


3. Efficient optimization methodologies to support these design and decision problems:

The design and decision problems considered in the context of the above two dimensions dictate large-scale mathematical optimization models incorporating complex/interrelated nature of various components of the underlying networked systems. We study the associated trade-offs inherent in such design and decision making activities with a systems approach. Thus, the focus of the third dimension of our activities is to investigate efficient solution methodologies that support the analysis of these optimization models. The specific methodologies of interest include efficient exact optimization methods, heuristic approximation algorithms, hybrid methodologies as well as stochastic modeling and optimization.


Research Projects

Relay Network Design in TL and LTL Transportation

Emergency Response Logistics Network Design

Biomass/Biofuel Logistics Network Design (funded by USDA)

Resilient and Flexible Network Design

Closed-loop Supply Chains Planning and Network Design (funded by NSF)

Wireless Sensor Networks Design (funded by NSF)

Supply Chain Contract Design (funded by NSF)

Coordination of Inventory and Transportation Decisions (funded by NSF)

Optimization for Outbound Logistics Planning and Control (funded by Frito-Lay, Inc)

Production-Distribution System Design with Inventory Considerations



Dr. Halit Uster (Director)

Dr. Sila Cetinkaya

Dr. Erick Moreno-Centeno

Dr. Justin Yates

Su Zhao (Ph.D. student)

Sung Ook Hwang (Ph.D. student)

Bo Wei (Ph.D. student)

Yi Zhang (Ph.D. student)

Jyotirmoy Dalal (Ph.D. student)

Gokhan Memisoglu (Ph.D. student)

Nannan Chen (Ph.D. student)

Xin Ma (Ph.D. student)

Ahmed Marzouk (Ph.D. student)


Alumni (with positions upon graduation)

Dr. Abhilasha Katariya, Ph.D. 2013 (Cetinkaya and Tekin) Supply Chain Revenue Management for Manufacturing and Distribution, Research Scientist: Supply Chain Optimization, Symbotic, Boston, MA.

Dr. Xinghua Wang , Ph.D. 2012 (Uster and Yates) Discrete Optimization and Agent-based Simulation for Regional Evacuation Network Design Problem, Senior Operations Research Analyst at FedEx, Memphis, TN.

Dr. Liqing Zhang, Ph.D. 2011 (Cetinkaya) Coordination of Inventory and Transportation Decisions: Premises, Models, and Justification, Research Scientist, Llamasoft Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.

Dr. Hui Lin, Ph.D. 2010 (Uster) Models and Solution Approaches for Efficient Design and Operation of Wireless Sensor Networks, Operations Research Analyst, Bank of America, Dallas, TX.

Dr. Panitan (Ken) Kewcharoenwong, Ph.D. 2010 (Uster) Relay Network Design in Logistics and Telecommunications: Models and Solution Approaches, Postdoctoral fellow, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Northwestern University, IL.

Dr. Jaoquin E. Tores-Soto, Ph.D. 2009 (Uster) Dynamic and Robust Capacitated Facility Location in Time Varying Demand Environments, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, School of Engineering, ITESM Campus Chihuahua, Mexico.

Dr. Gopalakrishnan Easwaran, Ph.D. 2008 (Uster and Cetinkaya) Decomposition Based Solution Approaches for Multi-product Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design Models, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, St. Maryís University, San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Homarjun Agrahari, Ph.D. 2007 (Uster), Models and Solution Approaches for Intermodal and Less-than-Truckload Network Design with Load Consolidations, Senior Operations Research Analyst, BNSF Railway, Fort Worth, TX.

Dr. Burcu B. Keskin, Ph.D. 2007 (Uster and Cetinkaya), Joint Optimization of Location and Inventory Decisions for Improving Supply Chain Cost Performance, Assistant Professor of Operations Management, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL.

Dr. Fatih Mutlu, Ph.D. 2006 (Cetinkaya), The Transporterís Impact on Channel Coordination and Contractual Agreements, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, Turkey.

Dr. Xingchu Liu, Ph.D. 2005 (Cetinkaya), Supply Chain Contract Design in Supplier- Versus Buyer-Driven Channels, Pricing Scientist, Zilliant, Inc., Austin, TX.


Sebnem Dilaveroglu, M.Sc. 2013 (Uster), Thesis: Optimization for Design and Operation of Natural Gas Transmission Networks,BOTAS Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, Ankara, Turkey.

Sarath K. Sasi Kumar, M.Sc. 2005 (Uster), Thesis: A Multi-Exchange Heuristic for Formation of Balanced Disjoint Rings, OR Analyst, Aramark Corporation, Burbank, CA.

Fabiano Garcia, M.E. 2005 (Uster), Project: Modeling and Optimization Study on A Multi-Product Capacitated Facility Location Problem with Side Constraints, Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI.

Vishal Karnik, M.Sc. 2004 (Uster), Project: Modeling and Optimization Study on A Site Selection Problem in the Presence of Existing Supply Facilities, Supply Chain Analyst, Manhattan Associates, Atlanta, GA.

Nimish Maheshwari, M.Sc. 2004 (Uster), Thesis: A Network Design Model for Multi-zone Truckload Shipments, OR Consultant, ZS Associates, Chicago, IL.


Undergraduate Research

Ahren Lacey (NSF-REU - Spring 2008)

Richard A. Ivey (USRG - Summer 2006)

Josh Skinner (USRG - Summer 2005)


Teacher Summer Research (RET)

Annette Coronado (Summer 2006)

Elena Pascual (Summer 2006)



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